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Martinet - CCM

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Pierre Rondel

Here are more information and also plenty of pictures about the new F3F weapon of Jean-Claude Tou rniaire & Mathieu Mervelet, now manufactured by CCM (Cevennes Concept Modélisme):

2 wingspans are available:


  • Wingspan : 3000mm
  • Length : 1420 mm
  • Area : 60.8 dm²
  • Weight : from 2000 to 3600 grams
  • Airfoils : JCT thickness from 8,0 to 7,1% , camber from 1,7 to 1,9%.


  • Wingspan : 2810mm
  • Length : 1420 mm
  • Area : 56 dm²
  • Weight : from 2000 to 3600 grams
  • Airfoils : JCT thickness from 8,0 to 7,1% , camber from 1,7 to 1,9%.


Wings : 2 layouts are available:

  1. Standard layout: The wing skin is made of carbon 160 gr/m² / herex / Fiber glass. This version is recommended for F3F when the landing is sometimes difficult and hard for the planes.
  2. Competition layout: The wing skin is made of carbon 80 gr/m² / herex / carbon 80 gr/m²

The fuselage is common to both version and is in 3 parts :

      1. The boom is in full carbon (weigth about 150g).
      2. The « under nose come » is 2.4Ghz friendly (135grs). It includes the ballast tube.
      3. The nose cone in also fiber glass

Tailplane is full carbone and in one piece including the joiner. Control horns are in place. They use a very inovative fixing system with a joiner going from square to round section, and secured with a screew at the end.

Price list:

  • Martinet F3F standard 1000 €
  • Martinet F3B standard 1050 €
  • Martinet F3F competition 1200 €
  • Martinet F3B competition 1250 €


FYI, Weight of my F3F version (standard layout) is the following:

    • Right wing fully equiped: 655 g
    • Left wing fully equiped: 662 g
    • wing joiner: 62 g
    • Fuselage fully equiped + V-tails: 730 g
    • TOTAL: 2069g

For any order, please contact Rémi Girard (CCM) at the following email address: ccm-rc(at)cegetel.net or remi.girard(at)cegetel.net (please replace the (at) with @ to obtain a valid email address).


Some video taken during the Eurotour F3F at La muela and St Ferriol/Laurac:

Non valid flight from Pierre Rondel at La Muela because of a problem on the timing system (Copyright © Cédric Granseigne).

The reflight from Pierre Rondel at La Muela (Copyright © Cédric Granseigne).

Remi Girard flying his Martinet in competition right after the maiden flight few minutes before (Copyright © Cédric Granseigne).




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